To Lincoln Voters

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
November 5, 1860

Some of our friends in Marshall county, and from one precinct in Brooke county, who were at our office on Saturday, apprehend trouble in voting for Lincoln and Hamlin, as their polls tomorrow. To our friends we would say, as we have everywhere counseled them on the stamp, vote your principles, if possible. Go to the polls in a mild, but determined spirit. We counsel no rashness, no violence, but only a firm, unarmed, determined defensive spirit. Go in numbers so far as you can, and stand by each other. See that the timid have your countenance and support. You that have leisure, remain at the polls as long as you can, and assist all who need assistance in preparing and voting their tickets. In this way, we believe, all difficulty can be avoided.

Chapter Two: Election of 1860

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