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Reorganized Government
General Assembly of Virginia

July 18, 1861

House of Delegates met at the usual hour.

Prayer by Rev. Mr. Phelps, of the M. E. Church.

The following resolution of the Senate was read by the Clerk.

Resolved, That with the consent of the House of Delegates, the Senate will proceed by joint vote of the two Houses, on Monday next, to the election of Public Printer.

The consideration of the resolution was passed by for the present.

House bill, authorizing the issue of small bills, which had been passed and sent to the Senate, returned with an amendment limiting the issue to ten per cent on the capital, the amendment disagreed to, and sent again to the Senate, was again received from that body insisting on the amendment.

The House again refused to concur in the amendment.

Mr. WILSON was appointed to notify the Senate of the refusal to concur, and asking a Committee of Conference to consider the amendment.

Mr. HOOTON, from the Committee on Privileges and elections, to whom was referred the credentials of Greenbury Slack, of Kanawha county, as a member of the House of Delegates, reported adversely thereon.

The Senate resolution relating to the election of Public Printer, was, on motion of Mr. Kramer, taken up.

Mr. SNYDER moved to amend by substituting Tuesday for Monday, which amendment was adopted, and Mr. Hooton appointed to notify the Senate.

Mr. BOREMAN offered the following, which was adopted:

Resolved, That the Committee on Military Affairs be instructed to inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill to organize a battalion of sharp shooters for special service.

Bills on their second reading were taken up.

House bill No. 13, fixing the compensation of the members of the Executive Council; House bill No. 12, to amend an ordinance relating to the collection of revenue; House bill No. 13, to amend the 2d and 9th sections of chapter 42 of the code of 1860; House bill No. 14, to regulate the sale of munitions of war during hostilities; and House bill No. 16, authorizing the sale of uncurrent bank notes, and authorizing the Governor to determine what bills shall be receivable in payment to the State, were read a second time and ordered to be engrossed.

House bill No. 15, to amend the 33d section of chapter 49 of the code of 1860, was read and recommitted.

House bill No. 17, appropriating the public revenue for the fiscal years of 1860-'61, and part of 1861- '62, was read and ordered to lie upon the table.

House bill No. 18, altering the compensation of the Adjutant General was read a second time and ordered to be engrossed.

House bill No. 19, authorizing the county court of Brooke county to direct a levy sufficient to reimburse private citizens for sums advanced to maintain citizen soldiers prior to their having been mustered into the U. S. service, was read and ordered to lie upon the table.

A message from the Senate announced that that body had concurred in the amendment of the House, fixing on Tuesday for the election of public printer. Also, that the Senate had appointed a committee to confer with a like committee of the House in relation to the amendment of House bill No. 3.

The Chair appointed on the committee Messrs. Wilson, Hawxhurst, and Williamson, of Wirt.

The House then took a recess until two o'clock P. M.


The House met at two o'clock and proceeded to the consideration of the special order, it being the substitute for House bill No. 5, for preventing offences against the Commonwealth and to provide for the organization of patrols, and after a protracted discussion on its provisions, adjourned without acting upon it. Previous to adjourning, however, the following resolutions were offered and adopted:

By Mr. Kramer,

Resolved, That the Committee on Military Affairs inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill authorizing the appointment of a sufficient number of competent drill officers to drill and instruct the volunteers of the State not mustered into the service of the United States.

By Mr. Logan,

Resolved, by the General Assembly of Virginia, on behalf of the loyal people of the Commonwealth, That our firm acknowledgments and heartfelt thanks are hereby most gratefully tendered to Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, and the officers and troops under his command, for the brilliant victories achieved by them in the battles at Rich Mountain, Laurel Hill and Carrick's Ford.

Resolved, That the determined bravery and patriotism exhibited by the volunteer troops from among our fellow citizens of Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia, who have united their arms for the maintainance of constitutional liberty on this continent, and for the protection of the liberties and fortunes and lives of our own people, against the despotic usurpations and assaults of the so-called Confederate States, justly entitle said troops in the timely succor they have afforded us, to be honored as our true benefactors and friends. Our prayer to the God of battles shall be for their health, for their success on the battle field, and for their long and continued enjoyment of the permanent peace, soon to conquered by their valor.

Resolved, That the Governor of this Commonwealth be, and is, hereby requested to transmit a copy of these resolutions to the commanding officer of each division of the Union forces in Western Virginia.


Senate met at ten A. M.

Prayer by Rev. Wesley Smith.

A message from the House announced the passage of House bill No. 10, to regulate the salaries of the officers of the Exchange Bank of Weston.

The bill was read a first and second time. Upon its second reading, Mr. Jackson proposed to amend the bill so as to allow the Cashier $1800 per annum, and dispense with second clerk altogether, which was agreed to.

The bill, as amended was read a third time and passed.

Mr. FLESHER was appointed to notify the House of its passage.

A message from the House announced that that body refused to concur in the amendment of the Senate to House bill No. 3, in relation to the issue of small notes and requesting a Committee of Conference.

The President appointed Messrs. Flesher Stewart and Gist such committee; and Mr. Flesher to notify the House of the appointment of said committee.

Message from the House announced concurrence in Senate resolution to go into election of Public Printer, with the amendment of Tuesday instead of Monday, in which amendment Senate concurred.

Mr. BURLEY offered the following resolution, which was adopted.

Resolved, That the Committee on the Judiciary inquire into the expediency of so amending chapter 188 of the code, as to authorize any Justice of the Peace to issue suggestions in favor of any judgment creditor for any amount that a single justice may have jurisdiction over as to the rendering judgment on, to be returnable before said Justice instead of the County Court, which Justice shall have full jurisdiction over it, the same as the County Court has under present law.

The House substitute for the Senate resolution relating to the $27,000 taken from the Exchange Bank at Weston was taken up, and pending the discussion, the Senate adjourned.

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Chapter Eight: Legislature of the Reorganized Government of Virginia

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