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Reorganized Government
General Assembly of Virginia

July 20, 1861

House of Delegates met at the usual hour.

A communication from the Senate announced that that body adhered to their amendment to House bill No. 4, regulating the volunteer force of the State not mastered into the service of the State.

Mr. SNYDER moved a committee to confer with a like committee of the Senate to consider the amendment.

Messrs. Snyder, Kramer and Crothers were appointed the committee.

Mr. KRAMER, from the Military Committee, reported a bill to exempt volunteer companies from performing ordinary military duty with ununiformed militia, which was read by its title and ordered to be printed.

House bill No. 15, authorizing the county court of Brooke county to appropriate a sum sufficient to reimburse citizens for amounts advanced to soldiers not mustered into the service of the United States, was taken up, read a third time and passed.

House bill No. 20, concerning the erection of a new State government in Western Virginia, together with the substitutes for the same, was taken up and made the special order for Monday at 2 o'clock.

Mr. SMITH, from the Committee on Courts of Justice, reported back the bill committed to them to regulate the sale of munitions of war during hostilities. Also a substitute for House bill No. 1, to stay the collection of certain debts until the first day of January, 1863, which were laid on the table and ordered to be printed.

Mr. LOGAN called up the resolution offered by himself yesterday, providing for the appointment of the clerks of the various departments of the State by a joint vote of both Houses.

Mr. WEST moved the indefinite postponement of the resolution, which, after some discussion, was agreed to.

Mr. LOGAN offered the following:

Resolved, by the General Assembly of Virginia, That we recommend the appointment of Major James Oakes to the position of Brigadier General in the army of the United States, he being, in our judgment, entitled to such promotion, not only in view of his past experience and services, but on account of the valuable services rendered by him in suppressing rebellion and in organizing the forces recruited and mustered into the service of the United States in Northwestern Virginia.

Resolved, That the Governor of this State be and is hereby requested to communicate a copy of these resolutions to the President and Secretary of War, at Washington.

Objection being made, the resolutions were tabled.

Mr. LOGAN presented the following memorial, which was read, and referred to the Committee on Agriculture and Manufactures:

To the General Assembly of Virginia:

The memorial of the Board of Directors of the Northwestern Virginia Agricultural Society respectfully represent:

That they obtained a charter from the Legislature of this State, in 1857; that the object of the Society is to promote the agricultural and stock rearing interests of this section of the State; that they have been subjected to many embarrassments, in consequence of which the Directory in their individual capacity are burdened with a debt of some $1500; that the occupation of their grounds at the present time by Government troops has deprived them of the means of liquidating the liabilities incurred.

They also respectfully represent that upon application to the City Council of the city, to be released from the payment of taxes during the time their grounds should be occupied for the above purposes, they promptly responded in accordance with the wishes of your petitioners.

They therefore pray your honorable body that they may be released from any taxes assessed on behalf of the Commonwealth during such time as their grounds shall be occupied by the Society in promoting the objects of its organization.

They would also urge their belief that the granting of such release would be in accordance with the common practice of States and counties in rendering assistance to Societies organized for the promotion of agricultural and manufacturing interests.

And will petitioners will ever pray. &ampc.
For the Board of Directors.
JOHN F. HOPKINS, Pres't pro. tem.

The House then adjourned.


The Senate took up the unfinished business of yesterday, being the resolution of the House for the joint resolution of the Senate, in relation to the $27,000 recently taken from the Bank at Weston, where it had been placed to the credit of the Weston Lunatic Asylum. After various amendments which were rejected, the bill passed in the form in which it originated in the House.

A message was received from the House announcing the passage of the following bills, and asking the concurrence of the Senate:

An act fixing the compensation of the Executive Council.

House bill No. 12, to amend an ordinance in relation to the collection of revenue.

House bill No. 12, to amend the code.

House bill No. 16, authorizing the Treasurer to sell uncurrent bank notes, and authorizing the Governor to direct what bank notes shall be received in payment to the State.

House bill No. 18, an act altering the compensation of the Adjutant General.

On motion of Mr. Stewart the bills were read a first and second time and ordered to be printed.

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Chapter Eight: Legislature of the Reorganized Government of Virginia

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