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Reorganized Government
General Assembly of Virginia

July 25, 1861

House of Delegates met at the usual hour.

Prayer by Rev. S. R. Brockunier.

Communication from the Senate announced the passage of House bill No. 2, to exempt, uniformed military companies from ordinary duty with ununiformed militia, without amendment; also the passage of the House bill prohibiting county courts and overseers of the poor making levies to aid the rebellion; also, the passage of the bill making appropriations for the operations of the government; also, the passage of the Senate bill appropriating $200,000 for military purposes.

Engrossed bills were taken up, and the following read a third time and passed;

House bill authorizing the Governor to borrow money on the credit of the State, for a sum not exceeding $200,000.

House bill making appropriation of $175,000 for military purposes.

House bill providing for the appointment of a vaccine agent in the City of Wheeling.

House bill authorizing the Governor to employ the county jails for the confinement of persons sentenced to the penitentiary.

The following Senate bills were taken up and passed:

Bill to re-enact and amend chapter 150 of the code.

Bill to re-enact and amend chapter 188 of the code.

Mr. WETZEL from the Committee to Examine Enrolled Bills, presented their report which was adopted.

Mr. SMITH, from the Committee on Courts of Justice, reported a bill vacating certain offices of the Commonwealth by declaring the incumbents absent, which was read a first and second time.

Mr. ZINN moved to take up the bill and substitute in relation to a division of the State.

A lengthy discussion followed in which Messrs. Zinn, Farnsworth, Smith and West participated, the two former in favor of giving the consent of the Legislature to the Convention with recommendation to taken action; Mr. Smith opposing such a course, and Mr. West favoring the middle ground taken by his substitute, of giving the consent of the Legislature but declaring the inexpediency of taking action. Mr. Farnsworth spoke at length in advocacy of his substitute and a division of the State, and had not finished his remarks when the House took a recess.

The House assembled after dinner, but in consequence of a military review of the 10th Indiana Regiment, which was about taking place, adjourned.

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Chapter Eight: Legislature of the Reorganized Government of Virginia

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