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West Virginia Statehood: Other Sources

Archibald Campbell & the Wheeling Intelligencer Newspaper
First Wheeling Convention
John Carlile & Ratification of First Statehood Ordinance
WV Statehood Referendum
Lincoln Approves the Statehood Bill
Death of Statehood Leader & U.S. Representative Peter G. Van Winkle
"The Makers of West Virginia"
"Statehood for West Virginia: An Illegal Act?"
"Lincoln and the 'Vast Question' of West Virginia"
Interview with Richard Curry on West Virginia Statehood
Virginia Delegates Approve Ordinance of Secession
First Wheeling Convention
Declaration of the People of Virginia
West Virginia Constitutional Convention
United States Senate Approves Statehood
Lincoln Signs Statehood Bill
Adoption of the Willey Amendment
West Virginia Legislature Abolishes Slavery
United States Congress Consents to Transfer of Berkeley and Jefferson Counties
Arthur Boreman Re-Elected Governor
Jacob Beeson Blair
Arthur Boreman
Alexander Campbell
Archibald Campbell
D. D. T. Farnsworth
Granville Davisson Hall
Chester D. Hubbard
Francis Pierpont
Henry Ruffner
Henry Jefferson Samuels
Joseph Snider
William Stevenson
Peter Van Winkle
Waitman T. Willey

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