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Chapter Four
Clarksburg Convention

April 22, 1861

Throughout western Virginia, citizens met in support of or opposition to the action taken by the delegates at the Richmond Convention. The majority of westerners opposed the Ordinance of Secession. In response to a call issued two days prior, on Monday, April 22, 1861, nearly twelve hundred Harrison County citizens gathered at the courthouse in Clarksburg to respond to the Ordinance of Secession. Those in attendance criticized the actions taken by the Virginia government, and resolutions submitted by John Carlile called for delegates from all of northwestern Virginia to gather at Wheeling on May 13 for a larger convention.

Primary Documents:

Resolutions Adopted at the Clarksburg Convention
Mayor's Proclamation, Wheeling, 19 April 1861 (Wheeling Artificial Collection, Ms2006-044)
Meeting in Guyandotte, 20 April 1861
Broadside for Union Rally in Fairmont, 29 April 1861
John Carlile
John Carlile

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