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Proceedings of the
Second Wheeling Convention

June 15, 1861

The Convention met at the appointed hour, and was opened with prayer by Rev. S. R. Brockunier.

The Minutes of the preceding day, were read by the Secretary.

Mr. Van Winkle of Wood, wished to amend the Minutes by correcting an expression in the declaration before the convention, as it stood recorded in the journal. The reading "they have attempted to bring the allegiance of the people of the United States, into direct conflict &c." - Should read "allegiance of the people to the United States &c.

The correction was made.

Mr. Van Winkle resuming, said objection had been made yesterday to the phraseology of the concluding portion of the second sentence of the first paragraph of the declaration. On behalf of the committee, he was authorized to day that they had unanimously agreed to obviate the objection by striking out the objectionable words as follows; "and the existing Constitution does not confer upon the general assembly the power to call a convention to alter its provisions, or to change the relations of the Commonwealth, without the previously expressed consent of such majority." Also do add in the succeeding sentence, after the words "in February last," the words: "Without the previously expressed consent of such majority."

Mr. CARLILE, as Chairman of the Committee that had reported the declaration, asked, inasmuch as the report had not yet been acted on, that the corrections be made as alterations, and not as amendments, which was granted, and the journal was corrected accordingly.

The minutes, as corrected, were then approved.

Mr. CARLILE asked and obtained leave to read a letter, addressed by a citizen of Kanawha county to a member of the convention. The letter gave a very favorable account of the strength of the Union senment in that section.

Mr. VAN WINKLE moved a reconsideration of the vote yesterday, by which the gentleman from Loudon was refused a seat in the convention. He followed up the motion with some remarks renewing that gentleman's claims.

This proposition elicited a discussion in which several gentlemen took part, which was finally cut short by the moving of the previous question. The call for the previous question was sustained. The question on suspending the rules to allow the reconsideration of the vote, being then put, the motion to reconsider was rejected.

So the Convention still refused to admit the gentleman from Loudon to a seat.

MR. CALDWELL, of Marshall, asked and obtained leave of absence till Monday.

MR. LAMB, Chairman of the Committee on Credentials, then obtained permission to say that the Committee having examined the credentials of all the members present, announced the fact that no member had been admitted to a seat on this floor, who did not represent a large and substantial vote of his county. The Committee paid but little attention to mere forms, but they did act on the rule in regard to substantial constituencies.

The order of the day being the declaration of the Committee, it was then taken up.

MR. VAN WINKLE moved that the Declaration as altered be re-printed for the use of the members. Adopted.

On motion of Mr. Frost, of Jackson, the order of the day was passed by, and made the special order for Monday at eleven o'clock and each day thereafter until disposed of.

MR. FLESHER, of Jackson, submitted the following resolutions, which was appropriately referred.

Resolved, That all levies or orders made by any county or coporation court in this commonwealth for the purpose of raising money for arming, assisting or supporting the rebel army of this State or the so called Southern Confederacy is a gross usurpation of power - sapping the very foundations of our liberties, requiring money to be levied from free-citizens to support the enemies of our government in their acts of cruelty and butchery.

Be it, therefore, ordained that all such levies or orders shall be null and void and shall not be collected by any of the officers of the commonwealth.

Mr. FLESHER said he offered this resolution more especially from having understood that the Jackson County Court had ordered a levy of $3,000 for the support of the rebel soldiers who have enlisted from that county in the service of the Southern Confederacy.

On motion the Convention then adjourned to Monday morning at ten o'clock.

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Chapter Seven: First Session of the Second Wheeling Convention

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