Peter G. Van Winkle

Parkersburg Daily Times
April 15, 1872.

HON. P. G. VAN WINKLE. - It again becomes our painful duty to announce the death of one of our most honored, useful and esteemable citizens. Hon P. G. Van Winkle, whose long and painful illness has been the subject of frequent notices in this column, breathed his last at the residence of J. C. Blackford, Esq., in our city, at half past five this morning, at the age of 65 years. His disease, great nervous prostration, to some extent affecting his mind, was, for some time past, aggravated by symptoms of dropsy of the chest, and without the best of medical attendance and the most careful and tender nursing in the bosom of his devoted family, would have terminated fatally some time ago. It was supposed that if life could be prolonged until the return of balmy spring; a final recovery might be hoped for, but inscrutable Providence decided otherwise, and his children are left to mourn the most kind and affectionate of fathers, and his neighbors and acquaintances a genial, sympathetic and obliging friend, while his fellow citizens at large deplore the loss of a public man, whose varied talents and eminent services were boldly relived by a private life of singular uprightness and purity. Those loved him most who knew him best. The motto of his life was "Prudence, Patience, Perseverence. [sic]" Peace to his ashes.