Boone County


Established as the county seat after the Civil War, replacing Ballardsville across the river.

Population 2010 Census: 3,076
Median Age: 42.1 years

Courthouse: Completed 1921
Architect: H. Rus Warne

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Formed: 1847
Named: Daniel Boone, whose home was in the Kanawha Valley from 1789 to 1795
County Seat: Madison
Land in Square Miles: 501.54
Population 2010 Census: 24,629
Persons per Square Mile 2010: 49.1

Primary Sources Online
Photographs of Schools in Boone County
Whitesville Bridge Disaster
1960 Presidential Campaign in Boone County

Coal River Mining Institute winners, 1938   (dialup)    (broadband)
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Hasil Adkins, 1990s   (dialup)    (broadband)
Birchfield and other miners seeking panel rights, 1994   (dialup)    (broadband)

Civil War
Boone Courthouse Fight, 1861
The Mounted Rangers in the West, 1861
Expedition to Logan Court-House and the Guyandotte Valley, 1862
Scout to Boone Courthouse, 1863
Boone County Union Militia Letters, Folder 13
Boone County Union Militia Letters, Folder 14
Boone County Union Militia Letters, Folder 15

Secondary Sources Online
List of Boone County Legislators
Boone native, D-Day veteran remembered in Alabama

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