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"Time Trail,
West Virginia"

September 5, 1956: Integration of Matoaka High School

September 11, 1939: West Virginia State College pilot training program

September 22, 1917: J. R. Clifford & the Pioneer Press newspaper

September 23, 1958: Integration of Charleston lunch counters

October 15, 1954: West Virginia State Teachers Association

November 5, 1874: Taylor Strauder case allows blacks to serve on juries

November 21, 1968: Bomb explosion at Bluefield State College amidst racial tensions

December 8, 1908: Jared Arter & the black college & seminary at Hilltop

December 10, 1931: Greenbrier Co. lynching & the state Anti-Lynching Law

December 17, 1861: Henry Ruffner & the abolition movement

December 25, 1856: Martinsburg slave escapes via the Underground Railroad

January 15, 1929: Martin Luther King's Birthday (visit to Charleston in 1960)

January 16, 1959: Pro basketball player Elgin Baylor boycotts game in Charleston

February 11, 1888: Birth of WV State College president John W. Davis

February 16, 1917: Establishment of the WV Colored Tuberculosis Sanitarium at Denmar

March 5, 1900: Opening of the WV Normal & Industrial School for Colored Orphans

March 13, 1948: WV State College wins the national black basketball tournament

March 19, 1925: 1st state basketball tournament for black athletes

April 1, 1925: Charleston lawyer blocks premiere of Birth of a Nation

"Time Trail, West Virginia"

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