The Brinkley Bridge

Wayne County News
July 7, 1961

Brinkley Praises Wayne People And Hopes To Return

David Brinkley, famous National Broadcasting Company news commentator "had a wonderful time" in Wayne on "Brinkley Day", June 17, hopes to return for another visit - and believes the ceremonies here when the Brinkley Bridge was officially named were well planned and organized.

Furthermore, the affable newsman wishes to thank everybody here.

The editor of Wayne County News received the following letter from Brinkley this week:

June 29, 1961

Mr. Roy Lee Harmon, Editor
Wayne County News,
Wayne, W. Va.

Dear Mr. Harmon:

Would you please pass along my thanks to all those who were so hospitable during my visit last week? I would like to thank each of them individually, but there were so many that is impossible.

I have seen a great many civic ceremonies in small towns and big cities, but I have never seen one that was better planned and organized and all those responsible for it deserve congratulations. It was a splendid job.

I had a wonderful time in Wayne, felt much at home, and I hope sometime soon I can come back and visit again.

In the meantime, my thanks and very best wishes to everyone.

David Brinkley