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"Hope to See You Soon"

A Collection of
West Virginia
War Letters

Loren V. Adams

Private Loren Adams wrote to his uncle, Cecil Reasor, about his duties in camp and about taking care of his parents and grandfather with the money he would send his uncle. Adams was captured during the Korean War in December 1950 and died that month, but his uncle continued to hope that he was alive and a prisoner, and sent mail to him addressed through the Chinese government.

Company "A"
30th Infantry Regiment
Fort Benning, Georgia

Dear Unk,

How are you all By now? Fine I hope. Thanks for the 2 bucks they sure come in handy. Yes, I sure was down in the dumps the other day. Mostly be cause I had just found out that I wouldn't be paid untill the 30th of this month but I am over that now and feeling lots better. We leave soon for Operation Port X. I am sorry but all I know about it is seckerct I can't talk about it. The enemy has spis here in Fort Benning. From the way you talk I think I had Better wright more often or you will have me in my grave before my time. Ha! Ha! Just got back in from gard duty. I was gaurding the finance ofice and the Bank, in other words I was taking care of most of the money on the post. I am, and have been for a while armed with at .45 pistle and most gaurds carry no amo, but I had 8 rounds and I think I could use them. Ha! Ha!

Tell Grandpa I said Hellow and if he don't get in bed and stay there for a while I am going to come home and tie him in bed with Aunt Bill's close line.

P.S. Confidentaly Unk. Mom and dad are in a tite place so I am going to send them some money the 30th. And I am going to send you 10 or 15 dollars and I want you to take Grandpa to a good doc. For god's sake don't fool around with Smith.

I know the tite place you are in so please don't send me any more money.

Lots of Love To all

(Envelope is dated Fort Benning Jan ? 1950 to Mr. Cecil Reaser of Glenville WV)

(Cecil Reaser to Loren V. Adams)

Jan 16 1952

Dear Loren. Just a few lines to let you know everyone at home is OK. Sure hope you get this and it finds you OK. You know we think you may get our letters even thought we haven't heard from you for over a year.

Be a good boy Loren and keep your chin up, I hope we get to see you before many more months. Just take all the care of yourself you possibly can and if you have the opportunity drop me a few lines.

I must close, Lots of Love,

Your Uncle.
Cecil Reaser

(Envelope is dated Jan 16 1952 - Prisoner of War
Pvt. Loren V. Adams 13330550
c/o Chinese Peoples Committee for World Peace
Peking, China)

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