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"Hope to See You Soon"

A Collection of
West Virginia
War Letters

William R. Everett

Private William Roscoe Everett wrote his sister from England two months before being killed during the Normandy Invasion in World War II as a glider infantryman.

Co.F 325th Inf
APO 469%Postmaster
new york, new york
April 13, 1944

Hello Sister,

I received your letter an were glad to hear from you an also know that you are well. These few lines leaves me well. The weather is very pretty. I have been getting quite a few letter from madeline. Well you have been asking me if their were anything that I wanted in your other letters. You can send me some candy cookies. I guess that business is very slack around home. It has been over a year since I have seen you. We are living in tents an we have been them ever since we came to England. I have got Dude Springs address and am going to write to him just as soon as I can. I also got a letter from Raymond M. the other day and he is still in Italy. As I don't know any thing else to talk about, I'll close with love to you. Goodnite and best wishes.

Your brother

P.S. Has Madeline been behaving her self. I hope that she is haveing a good time.

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