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"Hope to See You Soon"

A Collection of
West Virginia
War Letters

Thomas Dale "Dewey" Jones

Thomas Dale "Dewey" Jones wrote home during the Korean War from his New Jersey training camp and discussed his next trip to Brooke County. Jones was captured during the Korean War and died a prisoner of war. His brother Raymond had died during World War II.

Hotel Penn
81 South Clinton Avenue
Trenton 9 N. J.

Fort Dix, N. J.

Dear Obe

I just got back two camp and just in time. It got back at 5:00 oclock in the morning. Tell Guy two get me $20.00 hear before friday and I'll come home friday night and Saturdy morning I go two the bank and pay him back and pop back. My buddy was a hour late but I signed him in 2 hrs early so he made it O.K. Boy we all get hell today for sleeping on the machine guns and it really is hot here. I'm on battery fireman sunday but I got a buddy whoes going two watch the fire for me so I'll be home saturdy morning about 9 Oclock and tell Guy. that if I don't come home I ll send his money back. Hows pop. I hated it because I couldn't stay untill he came home work. But next time I will stay longer. Excuse the writing paper bacause I stold it at Trenton. I will close for now.

Your Brother,

P.S. Obe don't work two hard and maybe I'll get you something later, and tell Pop two take it easy.

P.S. Make sure you tell Guy

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