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"Hope to See You Soon"

A Collection of
West Virginia
War Letters

Jessie Carrington McGhee

Staff Sergeant Jessie Carrington McGhee served with the army in the Pacific theater during World War II, eventually dying in the Philippines October 22, 1944. In a letter home to his sister-in-law Garnette, he mentioned some of the fighting and what they did in their free time, as well as his happiness that his brother Lester had his mine foreman's papers, which would probably prevent him from being drafted.

Sunday Night
Feb 27, 1944

Dear Garnette & all

Will answer your letter after waiting solong. But you will haft to excuse me this time for I was tending a party with the Japs. I suspose you have read all about it Garnette. The battle of the Marshalls. Our out fit fought on Kurjakin Island in the Kwajalein atoll. I can say for sure now I killed one of those Japs. I am not abit ashame of it. I would love to get me a hell of a lot more. We are now safe back here in the Hawaiian Islands. And I'am sure glad to be back to. That Jungle fighting sure is tuff. I just wounder what they have in store for us Next. But all we can do is waite and traine untell our hearts pop out. No Garnette I haven't a girl friend over here. You are lucky to get to talk to one. Most of the girls here are Jap's and Chinese. There isn't to many American girls here. Any way my girl friends are those back there in the States. For our pass time here we get a few passes. We have free shoes here every Night. And some stage showes. We play a lot of sports all the time on Sunday like today we write letters, play cards or go some where to the show. Its Nothing like back in the States. I bet Bob & Keith looks good in there new out fit. Be sure and send me a picture of them. I am sure glad Lester has his mine papers now. tell Lester I said Keep up the good work. That sure is tuff luck happening to Kat. Isn't it? Wayne beining in the hospital. Well Garnette I will close for now will write more Next time

Love to all

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