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"Hope to See You Soon"

A Collection of
West Virginia
War Letters

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George S. Patton

Confederate Colonel George S. Patton of the 22nd VA Infantry wrote to Lieutenant James Welch about activities on and near the Kanawha River prior to the Battle of Scary Creek, which occurred July 17, 1861. Welch was killed at this battle, while Patton was mortally wounded at Winchester, VA on September 19, 1864.Camp Tompkins was located near the former site of the Valley Drive-In near St. Albans and is now occupied by a lumber yard.

(Lt. J. C. Welch)

Head Quarters, Camp Tompkins
June 16, 1861.

Lt. Welch -

If the Dredge boats come down the river to night or to day - you will not interfere with them, but allow them to pass. Have your guard heard any firing of guns, or cannon during the night - Answer at once -

Yours Resp'y
Geo. S. Patton

With Box 20

Lieut. J. C. Welch
Camp Tompkins
Kana Maffette

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