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A Collection of
West Virginia
War Letters

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Jacob M. Rife

During the Civil War, 2nd Lieutenant John Price of the 7th WV Cavalry wrote to another officer in the regiment, Captain Jacob M. Rife, admitting his past problems with alcohol and promising to avoid drinking in the future. He hopes that Captain Rife can withdraw the charges he faces as a consequence of his drinking.

Charleston West Va Oct 24th 1864


I have the honor to Report to you that I am verry Sorry that I Have made Such a fool of myself. in Doing the way I have done. those that I have been in the habit of associateing With have been Partly the cause of my Doing the way I have. I now denounce Them forever and as to whiskey the Last drop has went down my throat That Shall go down it unless Prescribed By a Physician. I will try and atone For my Past erors. if you can Consistently with draw those charges That are against me you Shall never Have a cause to Regret for so doing as long as I keep my Senses. So help Me God

I am verry Respectfuly your obedient Servant

John Price 2 Lt
Co I 7th W Va V C

Capt J. M Rife
A A A Genl
Charleston W Va

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