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"Hope to See You Soon"

A Collection of
West Virginia
War Letters

Ralph M. Romine

Sergeant Ralph Romine's letter to his mother and family sought information about people and events back home in Ritchie County, a common request of those overseas. He was killed in Italy on July 18, 1944, while another brother, Glendale, died the year before in North Africa.

American Red Cross

Dear mom and all.

receive your Letter and sure was glad to here from you, how is ever one. I am geting along fine. and hope everone is the Seam. Got a Letter from Bell she said Lou pass for the navy, was waiting to be call. I onely hope that he never see any action, witch I don't think he will Say mom, tell Charley I sure wood Like to see him, is he Still going to school. his school should Be out Before much longer. ask him if he is going to work on the farm. When school is out. dose he still Look for my Letter. Yes mom, I get your Letter. That is some of them, anyway. and I onely got one Box you sent, I guest Bell is send a Box, she said she was. mom was marshal Down home after he was operated on. margie said she going to come down. has he went back to work yet. he better not, go back to work, for a few weeks yet, Say mom has Dad got all his work done yet. That is his spring work. I suppose some day I will Be Back on the farm that is if I get back.

So Mildred Powell is staying in town. Wonder why Frank let her go. He never did let her go any place.

Mom got to close as hoping to here from you soon.

Tell all Hello
And good By,
Love, Ralph

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