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"Hope to See You Soon"

A Collection of
West Virginia
War Letters

William "Bill" Smith

Staff Sergeant William Smith received a letter from his mother in Logan, apologizing for not having any exciting news to send him but keeping him informed on family and friends back home. Smith was killed January 4, 1944 when his bomber was shot down over Germany.

Wednesday, 1:30P Logan WV 9-15-43

Hello Bill:

Here I am again Bill, I hope you don't get tired reading this same old stuff over and over. But really honey, I don't have any thing new to tell, its just the same everyday. I just got dinner over, I washed to-day, and I've got another bushel of tomatoes to can, dad went down to Henlawson last night, him and Uncle Harry, got a bushel a piece, so thats another big job for me. I kept Donna last night for Hazel to go to the show. June went to bed early I think, because he worked Monday night, so he had to get some sleep.

Well honey, how is every little thing coming along, with you? we are all well, and things here are just about the same.

Bill I dreamed that you came home again last night. I thought you slipped in on us, and I didn't know you were here, until you were in the house. I never do dream of you in a uniform, you are always just like you was, when I saw you last. When I woke up and you weren't here I just couldn't keep from crying. I think of you the last thing at night, and the first thing in the morning. Bill if you get a furlough are you going to slip in one me? or write and let me know when you are coming?

I believe you will get one, don't you? Jean said she wanted to know when you was coming.

Dora just now came by. she's going to town, Marc is going down with her, she has to pay the electric bill. I want to send this letter, to be mailed, so I will have to hurry, while Marc is getting ready. Bill honey, dad said tell you he was going to ans. your letter it looks like he just cant get at it. you know him, he is not much for writing. It's getting real cloudy looks like we might get a rain. How is the weather there?

Well honey, looks like thats about all I can think of to write, but I'll write again tomorrow. so I'll close for this time with good luck, best wishes, and Lots of Love,

Your Mom

P.S. Tell all the boys hello for me, and ans. soon Bye now, be good.

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