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"Hope to See You Soon"

A Collection of
West Virginia
War Letters

Shirley Ray Webb

Shirley Webb received this letter from his older brother Bruce during World War II while still a student back home. During the Korean War, Shirley Webb served in the Army and was killed in Korea.

Somewhere in England
Sunday, Evening

Hello Shirley,

I was sorte surprise to get a letter from you. But, was glad to so, I thought I would answer right back. I'm somewhere in England, now. The climate don't suit me so well here, it's to cold for me. I think I would rather be back in Africa.

How do you like school now Shirley? Has Hershel, started yet? Study hard and make good grade and I'll get you a German for every "A" you make.

Be a good boy now, Shirley. Tell Hershel, Raymond and all of them hello for me.

Your Brother, Bruce

(Side notes: Brother Bruce sent this letter to Shirley when he was still home. Shirley was still a child going to school. Shirley later went to Korea and was killed)

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