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Wayne County News
January 17, 1924


The newest development in West Virginia politics is the announcement of the candidacy of Mrs. Donald Clark, of Wayne County, for Secretary of State on the Democratic ticket. Mrs. Clark's candidacy is authorized in an announcement just received by this newspaper. This information confirms rumors of her entrance into the State race, which have been current for the last several weeks.

Mrs. Clark, who is te first woman candidate to formally announce herself for a State office, is a resident of that section of Wayne County which was incorporated into the city of Huntington last year. She is prominently known throughout the State, having long been active in social, political and religious work of various organizations. During the war Mrs. Clark led Red Cross activities in her home county. She has served on the State Child Welfare Commission. Until recently she was president of the board of education in her home district and was instrumental in a number of important improvements among the schools in her charge.

In 1920 Mrs. Clark's name was often mentioned in connection with the Democratic nomination for Congress from the Fifth district. She has long been an active party worker and has given generously of her time and effort for the success of Democracy even long years before the enfranchisement of women.

She is a leader in religious and social circles in Huntington. Her acquaintances extend throughout the state due to her notable successes in the lines of endeavor just mentioned.

Mrs. Clark is the daughter of the late Samuel Sperry Vinson, one of the strongest political characters of Southern West Virginia. Her father was a Confederate veteran, having been twice slightly wounded. His unselfish service to the Democratic party covered his entire life and stands out as an exemplary instance of party loyalty.

Recognizing the service she has performed in the State and in view of her unquestioned qualifications, numerous well known Democrats in West Virginia have been urging Mrs. Clark to consent to enter the race for primary nomination for Secretary of State. At the recent meeting of the Democratic committee in Parkersburg, her address was one of the outstanding features. The Parkersburg meeting gave decided impetus to the [support] which had already been launched by friends of Mrs. Clark, but not until this week did she announce her definite intentions of getting into the State race.

Mrs. Clark is a native born West Virginian of the type which so well represents the ideals of the State.

She possesses a forceful personality together with unusual business ability and feminine charm and is an outstanding figure in any group. Her candidacy adds a new and interesting angle to West Virginia politics for 1924.


O. J. Rife and Elias Drown have formed an insurance agency in Kenova which represents a consolidation of F. R. Poole agency, W. R. Wilson agency, C. W. Thompson agency, J. Miller Jackson agency and Curtis Wright agency. Drown is a former clerk of the C. & O. Railway and Rife ex- county superintendent of schools and former editor of the Wayne News.

Transcription by June White

Wayne County News