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Wayne County News
August 8, 1925


A large crowd attended the Bethesda home-coming and Toney family reunion held last Sunday at the Ed Staley farm near Bethesda churach on the Wayne-East Lynn road. Lee Toney of Startrip, Washington, was the guest of honor of the day. Mr. Toney has been visiting relatives in this county for the past few weeks. This is his first visit back home for more than twenty years. He is leaving this week for the state of Washington. A delightful day at Bethesda was reported by everyone. . .



Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Marcum, 74 years old, widow of the late Judge W. W. Marcum, prominent Wayne county lawyer and politician, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. L. G. Bryner, 2239 Adams Avenue in Huntington Friday, August 14. Although Mrs. Marcum had been ailing the greater part of this summer, her condition did not become grave until last Friday.

Mrs. Marcum was the sister-in-law of Colonel John S. Marcum and Lace Marcum, two of Huntington's well-known attorneys, and was one of Wayne county's leading women citizens for a number of years. Her husband, Judge W. W. Marcum, who died in 1912, was judge of the Wayne county criminal court and was of this county's leading attorneys during his active practice before the bar.

Coming from Ceredo, where she and her husband lived and reared their family, Mrs. Marcum went to Huntington to live following the death of her husband. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Burgess and was a native of Lawrence County, Kentucky. She was a member of one of eastern Kentucky's pioneer families.

The late Judge Marcum and Mrs. Marcum were married on December 12, 1886, at Louisa, Ky., when Mr. Marcum was Commonwealth's attorney of that county. A few years after their marriage, they came to this state and settled in Wayne county, where Mr. Marcum rose to prominence in the county's public life.

Mrs. Marcum had been a member of the Southern Methodist Episcopal church the greater part of her life.

Her husband was a representative of Wayne county in the state legislature at the time of his death in 1912.

Mrs. Marcum is survivied by one daughter, Mrs. Bryner, who was before her marriage Miss Herma Marcum; two sons, C. W. Marcum of Huntington and Homer B. Marcum of Chicago, Ill; one brother, Ed Burgess of George's Creek, Lawrence county; and two sisters, Mrs. John Swetman of Elliotsburg, Ky., and Mrs. Julia Neil of Kansas.


You have a dollar; I have a dollar;
    We swap.
Now you have my dollar; I have your dollar;
    We are no better off.

You have an idea; I have an idea;
    We swap.
Now you have two ideas; I have two ideas;
    Both are richer.

Transcription by June White

Wayne County News