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Wayne County News
June 24, 1926


Former pupils of Rev. Lawrence Dickerson are planning a reunion and picnic, to be held at Armilda on Monday, July 5th, which promises to be one of the most pleasant social affairs in the county next month.

Rev. Dickerson was born and raised in Wayne County and spent years teaching here. He was recognized as one of the foremost educators of his time, and numbered among his former pupils are scores of men and women who have gone out into the world and made good in a number of endeavors. Rev. Dickerson how resides at Prospect, Ohio, where he is a minister in the Baptist church, but he still retains strong affection in his heart for Wayne county and Wayne county people and always visits the folks "back home" at every opportunity.

For the past few years he has looked forward to a reunion of all of his former pupils, but not until recently was a date and place decided. Since July 4th comes on Sunday, Independence Day will be celebrated on Monday, which will make the day of the reunion and picnic a legal holiday, thus enabling many folks to come who would otherwise not be able to be there. The reunion will be held on the grounds around Armilda Graded school on the Wayne-East Lynn road.

Rev. Dickerson is anxious to see nearly all of his former pupils at the reunion. Every former pupil is cordially invited and expected to attend. Each one should bring a basket dinner which will be eaten on the ground at noon and this promises to be one of the big features of the day.

It should be a great occasion for all of Rev. Dickerson's former pupils. Each one of them should make arrangements now to be there without fail and enjoy good eats, fine fellowship, and a pleasant reunion of friends and class-mates.

Those attending the picnic are requested to assemble at 9 o'clock. Adjourment will be about 4 o'clock p. m.

Rev. Dickerson began teaching years ago at Bartram Fork. He was always well liked by his pupils. A prominent feature of the reunion will be the playing of games of days-gone-by by the former pupils. Rev. Dickerson will join with them in such play as Puss Wants a Corner, Jumping the Rope, etc. In writing about his plans for the reunion, Dickerson says in part:

"Sure we are going to play the old games again, even though some of us are a little stiff and complain of rheumatism and other ailments once in a while. We especially want to have an old fashioned game of Base so that Tom Mills can have a chance again to fall in Twelve Pole."


June 14th, Buryl Cyrus cut the first cabbage grown in Wayne County this year for market. Mr. Cyrus was the first one last year to put tomatoes on the market, and indications are that he will be the first this year. Last Monday, June 14th, he sold cabbage on the Huntington market for 8 cents a pound. Only three of the South Point, Ohio, growers were as early as he, and the South Point growers are regarded as the earliest in the Tri-State region.

Last Saturday the first maximum car of cabbage left North Kenova for Pittsburgh. R. R. Gillette and Buryl Cyrus, both truck growers of near Wayne, helped load the first car. They also helped load the car that left Tuesday of this week.

Wayne truck growers are having meetings every Monday evening at the County Agent's office at the Court House at Wayne. . .

Transcription by June White

Wayne County News