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Wayne County News
November 4, 1926


Above is the picture of Billie Charles, son of H. B. Charles, who was awarded first prize and crowned Champion Fiddler of the State of West Virginia. Billie is a student of Mt. Sullivan school, of which Macie Sullivan is teacher. He is only 13 years old. In the fiddling contest at Charleston, he excelled in the playing of mountain ballads. He won first place in a big field of contestants ranging from ten to seventy-one years of age.


Twelve years old, in the seventh grade, and has never missed a day of school in his life!

That's the extraordinary record of a Wayne County boy, namely Adrian C. Sullivan, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Mitchell Sullivan, of Lavalette, RFD.

Adrain's first year of school was at Price's Creek School, and his teacher was his aunt, Macie Sullivan. The winter days were never too cold for him to ride the four miles between his home and the school, although he was only five years old at the time.

From that time on until the present time he has attended Mt. Sullivan School, which school is taught by Macie Sullivan also. He has never had any other teacher except his aunt.

Attendance prizes are always given in school and Adrian never fails to carry off first prize; he also carries away the spelling match prizes. Another thing that he scores high in is Club Work. He is a member of the 4-H Club and raised enough tobacco last year to bring him $53.00.

Adrain is a model pupil, devoted to his club work, and a genuine 100 per cent American boy. His record for school attendance is believed to be a record in Wayne County.


Grant District voted against the stock law again Tuesday and the measure was defeated by a decided vote.

At Cove Creek the vote for stock law was 75 for and 65 against. At Kiah's Creek, it was 29 for the Stock law and 65 against. That would make a majority of 26 against the measure, with McComas precinct still out. But McComas gave a big vote against the issue, although this newspaper is unable to get the exact vote at that precinct on the stock law question, since the returns on this one item were locked up in the ballot box and not indicated on the regular tally sheets.

In Grant District the farmers are not required to fence in their cattle, hogs and other stocks, this being the only magisterial district in the county that does not have a stock law. The issue has been voted on frequently in the district but has been defeated every time, as was the case on Tuesday of this week.

Transcription by June White

Wayne County News