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West Virginia Archives and History Library

"Firearms throughout West Virginia's Early History," with Jim Mitchell, November 20, 2014
"The West Virginia Rosie the Riveter Program: A Model for America," with Anne Montague, November 13, 2014
"West Virginia Voices of War: Oral Histories from West Virginia War Veterans," with Eric Douglas, November 6, 2014
"Thirty-Five Years Studying:and Being Part of:the History of The Greenbrier" with Dr. Robert Conte, October 7, 2014
"African American Life: A Personal Perspective Part IV," with James Preston Estes Sr., September 25, 2014
"Family Heritage Music," with Bobby Taylor, assisted by Kim Johnson and Charlie Winter, September 11, 2014
"Incidents of Morgan's Raid with an Account of Stovepipe Johnson's Retreat through West Virginia," with Brian Kesterson, September 2, 2014
"African American Life in Charleston: A Personal Perspective Part III," with Barbara Hicks Lacy, August 28, 2014
"From Lost State to Mountain State: The State of Franklin and the Constitutionality of West Virginia Statehood," with Kevin T. Barksdale, August 5, 2014
"African American Life in Charleston: A Personal Perspective Part II," with Charles H. James III, July 24, 2014
"The Riverine World," with Gerald W. Sutphin, July 17, 2014
"Time's Runnin' Out: A Historical Perspective of a Movie and the Fight Against Southern West Virginia Forest Fires," with Robert Beanblossom and Richard Fauss, July 1, 2014
"African American Life in Charleston: A Personal Perspective," with Thomas Tyree, June 26, 2014
"Hippie Homesteaders: Arts, Crafts, Music and Living on the Land in West Virginia," with Carter Taylor Seaton, June 19, 2014
"West Virginia Scenic Trails Association," with Doug Woods and Nick Lozano, June 12, 2014
"Wayne County: Slavery and the Civil War," with Robert Thompson, June 3, 2014
"Loyalty They Always Had: The 7th WV Cavalry In the Civil War," with Steve Cunningham, May 15, 2014
"Civil War Ceredo, A Northern Experiment," with Dr. Ken Bailey, May 6, 2014
"Monsters and Mayhem in the Mountain State," with Mike Knost, April 17
"The Life and Times of Collis P. Huntington," with James Casto, April 1, 2014
"A Woman's Touch: 18th-Century Eastern Woodland Indian Women as Architects of Social Conscience and Gender Balance," with Dianne Anestis, March 20, 2014
"Victory Loan Tour of 1945," with Dr. James Spencer, March 13, 2014
"From the Burning of Chambersburg to the Battle of Moorefield," with Rick Wolfe, March 4, 2014
"Covered Bridges of West Virginia," with Terry Lively, February 20, 2014
"West Virginia Courthouses," with Patti Hamilton, Mike Gioulis, and Melissa Smith, February 4, 2014
"Parkersburg: Guardian of the Union during the Civil War," with Dr. Michael Workman, January 23, 2014
"The 'Other' West Virginia: Positive Images of the State from the 30s and 40s," with Betty Rivard, January 7, 2014

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