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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Phillipi[sic] Barbour County
west. va may the 5th 1866

F. P. Peirpoint Adjutant

General of west. Va Sir I writ[sic] Some time Since to you Concerning my Rigimint[sic] and got no answer I writ[sic] to you to Renumber my Rigt[sic] and Send on commissions to the officers we are all commissioned but of diiferent Brigades and different Different Divisions Some of the 27th Brigade and Some of the 20th and Some the 5th the 5th is correct our Rigt[sic] Belong to the 5th Brigade and 2d Division there is no Such Brigades as the 20th and 27th in west. Va we Reques[sic] you to Send on other Commissions to all the officers if it is not kept in beter[sic] order we will thro[sic] down our Commissions we have bin[sic] mustering our Regt Ever Since 1862 and we the Regt half organized[sic] and I dont[sic] bleave[sic] in no Such way I beleave[sic] in going according to law and if we do dont[sic] do that we had better quit So Send in Commissions to the officers and Renumber the Regt direct them to Philipi[sic] Barbiur Co wist[sic] Va to Major Benjamin Simon of the 1.69th Regt west Va militia Signed die[?] Michael Simon Col Moses Simon Lut[sic] Col

Michael Simon Col
Moses Simon Lut[sic] Col
Benjamin Simon Senior major
G. G. Clebengar Jr major

Simon House Capt
Andrew Thompson Capt [transcriber error – last name is Simon]
[transcriber omission – Pary Thompson]

Biron Love first Lut[sic]
William M. George 2nd Lut[sic]
Simenton Douglass 2nd Lut[sic]
Joseph .B.D. Simon first Lut[sic]
J.M. Woodfird first Lt[sic]
John W. Mcgee 2nd Lut[sic]
Augustus M H Ga;; 2nd Lut[sic]
Simon Johnson 2nd Lut[sic]
B. J. Clebengar first Lut[sic]

you Sea that the Regt is not full of officers there is Seven Companies in the Regt and only three Captains we whant[sic] all the old officers Commissioned and them that will not Except of ther[sic] Commission thin[sic] there will have to be new ones Elected

May 1866-
Simon, Maj. Benj.
Regarding Commissions
for officers 169” W.Va.
Mil-5th Brigade.

Transcription by James Bailes, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 01, Folder 2

West Virginia Archives and History