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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Burnersville Barbour, Co W Va

His Excellency A. S. Boreman

Dear Sir
Please Send the commissions certifyed[sic] To you by adjutant George M Yeagar as follows

John W Tolbert Capt Company C 169 Regt
Web G Gooden Capt Company C 169, Regt
Joseph M McVicker 1st Lieut Co D 169, Regt
Byron Love 1st Lieut Company B 169 Regt

I, also approve of the recommendation of Silas D Helmick as 2nd Lieu[sic]t of Company A. Instead of 1st Lieut as before Recommended through mistake

by Geo M Yeager        Michael Simon
Adjutant[sic]         Col 169th Regt
        W Va Militia

Please forward to me by[?] Augt[sic] at Burnersville
Barbour co W Va

Transcription by James Bailes, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 01, Folder 2

West Virginia Archives and History