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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Camp Nicola Barbour Co West Va
March 30, 1864

His Excellency A I Boreman Governor

Sir I have the honor here with to transmit to you my monthly report for all each ending I have to say that we keep the county so well Secured as possible for the number of men on my company. I have arrested or caused to be arrested four men. That was implicated inplicated the shading of a union soldier I have the confidence of two of the men. The fifth one engaged in that act is in our county But is making so that we can cannot get a hold of him.

I further have to say, That over the 21not same for 9 rebels were in to see their friends from [?] I sent some men in pursuit of them, And after pursuing same 6 miles they overtook them at a widow Sigmans [sic], a place of great maturity for harboring these rebels They broke out of the noose my men halting them with geat [sic] eagerness, But they ran on And of course they fired and killed one man Capt Raley E Stewart from [?] And captured the other a Genr’l [?] Emfoden army. This fellow I handed over to the united States authorities at Grafton This you may have learned era this

Capt Stewart had his person [?] rebel [?] inflicting a great many reasons in the county some cursing the yankees others praying that the rebels might soon get back to New country and drive us out of the land

I have also valuable information implicating persons in this county in crimes of great magnitude. I should also state that Stewart and Valentine for that was the name of the Lieut [sic] captured, And with them two revolvers of ordinary size It will be for you to say what shall be done with this. The boys are very loath to give them up But your orders must be obeyed

I further have to say in my judgment no permanent peace can accrue to our county until some of the leading rebels are shot or confined in some military prison And some families here sent [?] [?] times This is a fact well known to all good union men of this county An order ought to be issued to that effect and promptly executed

I shall not weary you further at the present only have to say I have the honor to be your most obedient servant

M.T. Haller Capt
Comdg Indpt Scouts of Barbour Co West V.a.

Barbour Co W.Va
March 30 1864

M.T. Haller
Indpent [sic] Co of Scouts

Transcription by Chad Story, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 01, Folder 4

West Virginia Archives and History