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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Doddridge Count y West Va January
1st 1864

The following subscribers personaly appeard before me and took the following Oath We Solemly and valiantly Swear that we will support protect and defend the constitution and government of the United States against all eminies whether Domestic of foreign and that we will bear True faith allegiance & loyalty to the Same any ordinances resolutions or laws af any state convention or legislation to the country not with standing and further that we do this a full determeination pledge and purpose without and mental [?] or evasion whatever and futher we will uphold and defend the constitution and government of West Virginia We so further pledge ourselves as a scouting company to all the rules and regulations of the govnor of West Virginia [?] our hands.

Isaac [?] taken place of
Cristopher Nickleson

The [?] named subscribers personaly appeared before me the [?] justice of the Peace for said County and the within oath Given render my hand this 28th day of October Janury 1864

J.A. Foley [?]

Transcription by Bryan Holmes, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 04, Folder 8

West Virginia Archives and History