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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Oxford, Doddridge Co Va,
July the 24, 1861

Der[sic] sir, permit me to address a few lens[sic] to you, some tow[sic] mounth [sic] ago county was fild[sic] with spise[sic] an traitors form our on pertection is call my neighbors an form a company of 120 men and boys abel[sic] to bare arms, who draud [sic] a article all signed and elected officers and point a commity [sic] of saiftey[sic] our company is nown[sic] by the Doddridge County raingers[sic under the control of the said commity[sic] who have taken 81 trators[sic] and tacon[sic] taken them to camp on the raildroad[sic] and they tacon[sic] the Butten[sic] oath on yesterday who form our selves into a company to subject to the call of the governner[sic] of Virginia to go to eney[sic] place in Nourth[sic] Western Virginia. Who may be call on the only 30 gunes[sic] in our company who wood[sic] like to drill at Oxford, most all of company have fameleys[sic] and are farmers pleas[sic] instruct, us how to organnise[sic] so who can risire[sic] arms and where our servise[sic] wood[sic] be needed[sic] give me all the infermation[sic] neasary[sic] and if gite[sic] arms if who had arms who wood[sic] stard[sic] fourthwith[sic] to yellow creek and leeding[sic] creek and the west fork of the canawha kanawha where the rebbles[sic] have run of more than 30 good union men they came to my son house tuck[sic] his guns and in a feaw[sic] days came and shot at him he ascept[sic] to the woods he staid[sic] in the wood 2 days got this hours and travil[sic] 20 mile though[sic] the woods not daring to travling[sic] eney[sic] road ore[sic] path fore[sic] they ware[sic] all garded[sic] by the rebbles[sic] he lefte[sic] his wife with a child 10 days old if [?] rebellion fourth with please rite[sic] to me yours trowely[sic]

Ephraim Bee

H Peirpint[sic] govenner[sic] of Virginia

Transcription by Shannon Laws, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 04, Folder 16

West Virginia Archives and History