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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Cox’s mills Gilmer County
W.Va July 30th 1863

F.P. Peirpoint adjutant Genl
Dear Sir

In answer to your of the 22 [?] requiring a Roll of the company before Sending the arms I herewith Send a complete roll. and hope that the arms will Soon be forth coming

The officers wish to know when thur[sic] commissions will be Sent. The Gurrillas[sic] are duing[sic] thur[sic] work stealing and destruction a little South of us. Thank God, Morgan the Prince of Gurrellas[sic] is capturing the prospects every where look [?]. Let is keep the ball in motion. write Soon as convent

Very Respectfully Yours
Philip Cox

Gilmer County W. V.a
July 18th 1863

We the undersigned citizens do agree to form Ourselves into an Independant volunteer militia company.

Capt John H Bush
1st Lt David Heckert
2nd Lt Daniel F. Stinebeck

Adam Heckert
John Sandy
Luther H West
Edmund West
John M. West
James F. West
Mansfield M West
Granville W. Lleeth
John West
George Heckert
John Kniseley
Lorence Kidwell
Daniel D. Bush

Geo V Heckert         Geo K. Cox
John A. Lamb         Perry M Moneypenny
Mm Crumvine         Henry E. Heckert
D. E. Heckert         W.M. Warden
Thos.[?] Williams         Henry Messenger
Chester Williams         Otho Means
Beny a Lamb         John W Osburn
Henry C.D. Lamb         Wm Y. Staton
J. W. Miller         Walker G. Lowe
Peter Heckert         48

N. Scarberry
Joseph B. Bush
Minter J. Bush
Philip Bush
George Heckert Jr
Oliver P. Cox
Washington Kinseley
Henry C. Heckert
Elias B Fisher
WD Fisher
Anthony Y Waggoner
AJ Bush
Yhos.[?] O Staton

Transcription by James Bailes, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 05, Folder 1

West Virginia Archives and History