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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Glenville WV
Dec 16th,1863

His Excellecncy AI Boreman
Gov- W. Va-

Dear Sir
I arrived at Tray yesterday morning I informed Capt Bush that you requested that he should call his company together for the purpose of reciving thier[sic] pay he in a verry[sic] I interesting manner replied wanting to know what I was meddleing with his business after making several insulting remarks accusing me of inter[?] with his business in your office of as to the truth of which you need not be told (he) Capt I H busch said that arrangements had been or was about to be made by which the money to pay the company was to be paid to some merchant in Wheeling that Knisely Cox had brought good from and that the said Knisely Cox was to pay the amount of the same to Capt Bush and that he Bush would pay the company himself he [?] me for [?] with this arrangement and has not consented to call the company together and don’t expect he will This man Capt Bush is a good easy guest fellow and him and I never before had any difficulty and would not about this but for this man Gen K Cox who is a friend and relative by marriage of Capt Bush and Coxes influence over bush is the cause of the trouble although cox and I never had any difficulty but he treats every one as an enemy that will not abuse [?] I am not an advocate of Holt never was I said as much or more to you on that subject than any one else I regret that so many person are involved in a low mean personal quarrel

Cox & Capt Bush and a few more of the Home Guard came to this town yesterday I regret to state that quite a disgracefull affair took place IFW Holt beat Cox with his cane over the head severely in the presence of forty men and immediately after they compromised & Cox gave Holt a certificate of which I send you a copy It is to be hoped that this will put an end to further strife but if is does not I wish you would try and disconnect if possible separate from the Home guard officers of it who participate in this trouble of Holt & Cox for while it remains as it does it will not nor cannot do the county any service If you will make your order mandatory to Capt Bush I [?] I can pay them or if you will instruct me to say to Suret Stinebeck he will at once call the company together and I will pay them or if you think best I will send you a check for the amount I [?] I have plenty of money on deposit in [?] & Mechanics Bank and and no that way can return you the money I will wait for further instruction about it

I propose to you the name of Jasper Ball a private in Co [?] of 11th Va Vol infintary as a recruiting officer for Calhoun County he is recommended to me by the commandant and others of his comp- as being an efficient mand for that service I cannot give youthe name of any person for Gilmer that would attend to it I would accept it but I would not promise to render much succesfull service in the first place my health is bad and in the next place I could not travel out side of Camp without a military escort but if no one has applied for it while I don’t want it nor can I find any one that has or will consent to attend to it yet if you send me the appointment I will do all in my poer however little that may be

The house that the T[?] HomeGuards took from Hiram Short some of the company sold the house and approiated the money to his own private use.

I do not enclose you the certificates for the purpose of taking part either wish Hold or Cox but to give you a better idea of the state of thine here

I am Respectfully Yours
W.T. Wiant

Transcription by Patricia Mosley, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 05, Folder 10

West Virginia Archives and History