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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Glenville Wva
July 10, 1864

Dear Sir

I wanted to ask you if I woulded[sic] be permitted to collect rents for the abandoned Rebbel[sic] property in this county and appropriate the proceeds to the support of poor families whose whole dependence for support ar in the US Army. There is several farms in this county their owners are in the rebbel[sic] army there families gone south and no agent or regular tennant but some Rrebbel[sic] [?] that may chance to squat on it for instance here is the M Jackson lands that ought to yield a rent of two year it is not in profession of any authorized agent [?] of Jackson or the Government I think something should be done in the premises if the proper authorites do not let local temporary r[?] at applied I wrote to Atto B.H. Smith on the subject but he has not done anything and not likely to soon

I would like to ask you in relation to a special case you that P. Hay you aware that he joing early in the Rebellion and is still engaged he owns quite a large quantity of land [?] in this county and Calhoun

His wife resides on one of his farm in Calhoun county she with the apistance of the slaves of P Hays that still remains on the farm not this said M[?] Hays has been protected (although an a[?]) in the prosse[?] of her husband property ever since the war- she uses his property carrying on farmining quite extensively raising live stock Grains if This said Ms Hays took last winter two fine horses and her oldest soon beyond our lines into the so called [?] them confederacy and left them both horses [?] she [?] returned from [?] but own horse that too old [?] and [?] It is sure from all the evidence I can get that she is practiced in raising and farmship Horses and money goods [?] to her husban and he fighting against us and she hold frequent communications with her Husband You know that GW [?] a brother in law of Hay was clerk of both courts in Calhoun County and the Record of said county was at the house of P hays at the breaking out the rebellion Now some of the important records of the county are not to be found annoy others the deed Book When Ms P. Hays now interrogated concurring the last records she replied that they would be restored to the proper authoritues at the proper time from the manner in which she spoke was the same as if she had said I know where said records are and they will be returned only to the enemies of the United States and the State of West Virginia

I should like to be permitted to compell her to reveal as to where those last records are it is verry[sic] important to some loyal [?] to have the deed book without delay

How then is Silcott wife who resides there and belong to this Hays family whose husband is quartermaster up with Stonewall Jackson= for a long time after the war a Guerrilla this said Ms Silcott wife as aforsaid has been acting as clerk in her husband name ever since the war I am not especially advised of her doing [?] except that of issueing of Marriage Licenses [?] even having taking the oath herself much [?] her husband in whose name she acted only compare her acts in the respect with those of the restored Government of Va on that subject Our enimies[sic] and the idles spectator must conclude we are not in earnest when we pap laws and [?] wish penalties and punishments but we mean attempt to enforce them they continue to violate with in[?]

I am going next week into Calhoun County to look after Knott Rebbel band of about 15 that have been [?] about Arnoldsburg for a few days

Verry Respectfully
W T Wiant

P.S- General
Do you think it would be necessary for us to send delegates from this co to the State Convention at Grafton If there is likely to be any opposition element in that convention we will make arangements to hold meetins in the county and send some sound delegates


Glenville W.Va
July 1884

[?] W.T. Wiant
Asks to be permitted to collect rent [?] off of Reb. property

Transcription by Patricia Mosley, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 05, Folder 10

West Virginia Archives and History