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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Glenville WVa
October 16th/64

Please give me instruction as to what course to pursue in relation to those parties here that were drafted and deserted and went south and into the bush but since the draft is suspended are lurking about their[sic] homes Some of these parties have horses and other property that I could secure to the benefit of the State if you direct I sold that Morgan Reffel[?] Horse today for [?]98- I will report to Col-Brown

Yours Respectfully
Cap. W. T. Wiant

To Hon H. P. Pierpont
Adt Gen WVa

Transcription by Rob Roush, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 05, Folder 10

West Virginia Archives and History