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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

State of Virginia, _______________ County, sct:

Before A Wilson a Justice of the Peace within and for the county aforesaid, personally appeared Lewis Ruffner who has been duly elected to the office of Adjutant or Mustering officer of the Regiment V.M. and took and subscribed the following oaths

“I Lewis Ruffner solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the laws made in pursuance thereof, as the supreme law of the land, anything in the Constitution and laws of the State of Virginia or in the Ordinances of the Convention which assembled at Richmond on the 13th day of February, 1861, to the contrary notwithstanding; And that I will uphold and defend the government of Virginia as vindicated and restored by the convention which assembled in Wheeling on the 11th day of June, 1861.”

“I Lewis Ruffner solemnly swear that I have not, since the tenth day of January, one thousand eight hundred and sixty, fought in a duel, the issue of which was, or probably might have been, the death of either party; nor have I been, knowingly, the bearer of any challenge, or acceptance to fight a duel, actually fought; nor have I been otherwise engaged or concerned, directly or indirectly, in a duel actually fought since said time; nor will I, during my continuance in office be so engaged, directly or indirectly. So help me God.”

“I Lewis Ruffner solemnly swear that I will perform the duty of my office of Adjutant or Mustering Officer of the Regiment V.M. to the best of my skill and judgment. So help me God.”

L Ruffner

Given under my hand and seal, this 24th day of July 1861

A Wilson
Justice of the Peace

Transcription by Victoria Souhala, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 10, Folder 2

West Virginia Archives and History