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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Kanawha County, West Va
April 14, 1864

Lt. Col Joseph Darr Jr.
Dear Sir Gen George Boyer sugested [sic] to me the propriety of informing you of the following facts i.e. That I have a Co of state troops at this place and that Hezekiah Turley aged 21 Enlisted Jan 1st 1864. Resident in this Co.. Left on 25 of march and William Epling aged 17 Enlisted Jan 10 and left March 25, and also Milton Adkins aged 17 Same dates and Cumberland Jones aged 16 “ “ and Richard Roberts Enlisted Feb 2nd and left March 25. All indebted for cloathing [sic] to the state , and none of them are credited to to Kanawha , But to Putnam County, where a larger Bounty is given, also Adison Childress aged 18 and William Childress aged 18 Enlisted Jan 27 and Asbury Pauley 16 years old these left Aprill [sic] 9 all Born and Raised in this County and never was in Jackson, in theyer [sic] lives yet theyer [sic] Master is made to show that they Enlisted from that county and theyer [sic] enlistment is dated back in March. These are all in debt to the State for Clothing Tab

I make the points, They had voluntarily sworn into state service one year. Can they while debt to the state swear out, without consent of the state. They are under the proper age to be recruited are they not a fraid [sic] of the Government. Theyer [sic] enlistment is dated back and the large bounty and one or two months waged claimed from the U.S. and they on wages in the State Service as my Books must show is not these false musters and frauds and is not the false Representation as to theyer [sic] citizenship also a fraud on countys and false muster. (Hezekiah Turley is Ruptured)

All of which is Respectfully submitted at the Sugestion [sic] of the Gen. as above stated

I am youre [sic] most obedient servant
R Brooks Capt. State Troops

Cloathing [sic] Bill \

H Turley: 1 great coat, 1 blanket,
1 sack coat lined, 1 par [sic] pants,
2 shirts, 2 “ drawers,
1 hat, 1” shoes
William Epling: 1 great Coat, 1 blanket,
1 s coat lined, 1 shirt,
1 par [sic] pants, 1 hat
2 “ shoes,
M Adkin: 1 Gr. Coat, 1 blanket,
1 S coat lined, 1 par [sic] pants
2 shirts, 2” draws,
1 pr shoes, 1 Hat
C Jones: 1 Gr. Coat, 1 Blanket,
1 S coat liner, 1 pr. Pants,
2 shirts, 2” draws
1 Hat, 1” shoes
A Childes: 1 Gr. Coat, 1 blanket,
1 s coat lined, 2 pr shoes,
2 shirts, 2 “draws,
1 Hat, 1” pants
1 [?] shirt,
William L. Childes: 1 Grt Coat, 1 Blanket,
1 s coat lined, 2 pr shoes,
2 shirts, 2” draws,
1 Hat, 1 “ pants
1 Mix &shirt,
R Roberts: 1 Great Coat, 1 Blanket,
1 coat lined, 1 pr pants,
2 shirts, 1 “shoes ,
1 Hat, 2”draws
Asbury Pauley: 1 Grt. Coat, 1 Blanket,
1 s coat lined, 1 pr pants,
2 shirts, 2 “ draws
1 [?] shirt,

R Brooks

Transcription by Jack Stephenson, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 10, Folder 24

West Virginia Archives and History