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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Coalsmouth Kanawha County Wva.

Governor A.I Boreman Dear Sir,
I beg purmission [sic] to introduce to youre [sic] Excelency [sic], the Rev Mr. R Hager on busy mess. I send by him the busy pay Rolls asking you if you pleas [sic] to send the pay due to such as are intitled [sic] to pay as shown on the Rolls

I beg purmission [sic] to present a statement outside the Rolls showing my liabilitys[sic] for the property captured of Rebel Soldiers . Horses Guns Horses 5 , 1 died, By the consent of your Excelency [sic] was was given to William Smith of the Co. who had been robed[sic] of his horse 1 was returned to the owner by him giving hand and security that it should not go again into Rebel Service. I sold for $50.00 & 1 for 80.00 total $100 $150.00 this I can collect the partys [sic] are solvent. If guns I captured 1 proven and taken by the owner it having been stolen I still in my care mot of much value and of none to me. I still kept by AW Bryant . Without my consent the others given to Capt Richmond of Raleigh County..

I regret exceedingly to have to inform youre [sic] excelency [sic] that I received youre [sic] order to disband my men just at 6 oclk [sic] in the eveing[sic] and at 8 the same evening we ware [sic] attackd by the Rebels Capt Smith of the 1 va. Cavl had but few guns they came and got 15 and I never could get but 11 back they got 1 back of Cartridges half full of cartridge what could I do but to let them have them . all was at stake. But they should have returned them. It is not supriseing [sic] that they should otherwise dispose of them. When you remember as I stated when it was done, that one knight [sic] soon after they came here the window of my commissary was broken and some $20-00 of [?] and other valuables taken and afterwards the lock broken clothing I name assome [sic] of the fuels that lieves [sic] me unable to deliver all the guns and [?] as I should. Since those men came here I have lost near $100.00 of my private property beside the government property taken and other citizens have suffered more than I have.

I ordered rations to be sent from Charleston to us at this place just at the time I went to Wheeling and the boat victor No 2. Took there on and lost 1 Brl flour, 1 box soap 1 box candles and other [?] I paid for bad flower 8 dols[sic] for bacon 11 dols [?]

Now I had left in my hands $11-00 when paid before aftercorrecting two mistakes Se [?]

My interests with that of other men are heare [sic] sub[?] and rest assure that allthough[sic] we have lost much of our means we are glad that tis no worse. But no amount of money would bring induement to command Scouts in the Presents of troops

I am ever your most
Obedient Servent[sic]
R. Brooks

Transcription by Jack Stephenson, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 10, Folder 24

West Virginia Archives and History