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Child of the Rebellion: West Virginia Sesquicentennial
Civil War Union Militia Correspondence

Kanawha County West Va.
March 12 1864

Gov. AI Boaremen [sic] Dear Sir I beg lieve[sic] to inform you that in filling our provision return it is for two men over the no on duty this I will correct in my next draw. If I am allowed Capts Rations in Kine [sic] that is enough to correct the error. If not I will correct it.

Im looking at the act providing for the certificate of Oath. I do not Se[sic] where to deposit the certificate of the oath of office.

I did not fill the Requisitions you sent me the commissary[sic] had made the isue[sic] on the authority of youre instructions and my Requisition…

But they direct me to ask you to send approved Requisitions for March & April although they left us have for March and we will fill [?] hear after.

We did not git[ sic] all he cloathing[ sic] ordered but I will try again.

The country is now Calon but if our information is as we think good. The storm is at hand and we must meet it [?] long.

We are all willing to do all that is right. But we are hacketed [sic] down by uncalled for [?] Since riting [sic] the above youre welcome letter is received and procede to state that the senoposis [sic] of Mrs. Seashoall testimony is a true and Reliable picture of the facts as to the state of the Country around us yesterday a squad of 7 Rebels was found 4 ms.[ sic] from us and for 2 days [?] more has been hid in sonce house hear and fed we got a Map that he dropped had his name on it Wi[?]Daily he went from hear[sic] in the Rebel Army. By searching the houses he counted have been takien But if I ware[sic] to do that . I would likely be arrested the [?] yesterday was on a hill top they boys shot to fare [sic] at them but could git [sic] no closer.

My men has behaved well what ever may be said of us.

We much kneed [sic] 30 pairs drawers
10 pairs pants 10 Blouses and 40 wool shirts Mixed and
20 pairs Boots and instructions can we turn over any goods left on hand again to the 2.M.

I am confident[sic] that 4 fifths of the citizens so aids those [sic] that they are Criminal and proof [?] be had if there was attention given to the matter. I got the prosicuting[sic] attorney yesterday to say that if I would arrest the party’s and state crime and send the witneses [sic] necessary to prove the facts that we would bring the matter before a justice and prossicute [sic] for then if the president proclimation[sic] dose [sic] not [?] theme they having taken the oath 1,2 or 3 times we can git [sic] Rid of them Or if under the act some of the worst cases may be arrested and affidavit made and petition sent up and they sent out of the State So direct and it shall be done. Our Co ius dreaded and we are much threatened by disloyal citizens we are threatened to be Bush whacked but theyer [sic] threats dose [sic] not intimodate [sic] us. But does provoke us.

I have stated to Gen Crook in riting [sic] that the complaints made against me and my Co was without foundation in fact and Refered [sic] him to Col Haze of the 23 Ohio with whome [sic] I am acquainted for some oppression of opinion as to my Morals I sense of honor,

But for the prejudice that exists against State troops we kneed [sic] not fear..

I have some men out all the time. But those that came in to day brings no Report of any force near us in Boon [sic] or Logan. they have been 20 MS.

As soon as convenient I would beglad [sic] to have the Co paid. it would have a good effect on the minds of the men and would [?] statements made to discourage them, Capt Stump is commanding hear [sic] now, a good man I think and has a good Co Peter Carpenter is selling goods on Harts Creek in Logan. Hats $30.00 Boots $15 Shoes $20 & two weeks past he with 16 men went down through Putnam and went out loaded. The goods must have been furnished him near the point, he did not pas [sic] nearer than 15 MS of us we want to take him the Right way. I hope that by the last of this month we will be settled and have nothing to trouble us but to do our work.

I will close my tedious letter, ask you to execus [sic] me and still indulge youremost [sic]

Obedient Servent
R brooks Capt. Scouts

Transcription by Jack Stephenson, undergraduate student enrolled in Dr. Billy Joe Peyton’s Fall 2010 “Introduction to Public History” at West Virginia State University

Militia Box 10, Folder 24

West Virginia Archives and History