Union Militia

Box 33
Miscellaneous I
Folder 41

Receipt, Robert Hagar, Wheeling, December 16, 1868
Note, Unidentified, n.d.
M. S. Somerville to F. P. Peirpoint, Bone Creek, August 26
Mary A. Jemison to I. H. Duval, n.d.
Fountain Smith to I. H. Duvall, n.d.
Robert Menifee to Col. Duval, n.d.
Henery Jones to Col. Duval, n.d.
John I. Forgner to Paymaster, n.d.
Mary A. Holden to Unidentified, n.d.
Nimrod Bell to Mr. Duval, n.d.
J. A. Collins to Mr. Dewal. n.d.
Isaac Newton Harvey to Paymaster, n.d.
John William Walker, Isaac Alben, and James Alben to Paymaster, n.d.
Jonathan Jenkins and R. F. Jenkins to Paymaster, n.d.
James C. Short to Mr. Boggess, n.d.
Quincy A. Gifford and Templeton T. Smith to General Duval, n.d.
Samuel Armstrong to Mr. Duval, n.d.
Rebecca L. Cook to Adjutant General, n.d.
Henry A. Smith to John Forman, n.d.
Edmond Soverins to Paymaster, n.d.
C. C. Forman to I. H. Duvall, n.d.
Enos Amos to I. H. Duval, n.d.

Militia Box 33

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