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Loren Vincent Adams

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Loren Vincent Adams

"Boy I sure would like to get back home where all there is to shoot at is rabbits & squirls [sic] and things like that."

Loren Adams

Loren Vincent Adams was born November 21, 1930, in Glenville, the son of John and Helen Reaser Adams. Loren attended Glenville Grade School, Central Junior High and Roosevelt-Wilson High School. In his teens he was a carrier for the Clarksburg Publishing Company.
Roosefelt-Wilson High School
Roosevelt-Wilson High School
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Loren was a member of the National Guard, Clarksburg unit, from November 1947 to August 1949. He was discharged to join the army, enlisting on August 16, 1949.

While in the military, Loren wrote several letters home. In one, he wrote:

Since we came back from operation ports I've been hopping. I was made batillon carpender so that should explain it all by just saying that, HA! I stood Presidentail Parade to day and saw old Harry S real close. I expected him to be big and huskey but he is 5'8" and a little on the plump side with a good Florida sun tan.

Loren went overseas on July 26, 1950, with the 32nd Infantry Division, Company D. On December 2, 1950, Loren went missing while in the Chosin Reservoir area. Hoping that Loren was still alive and a POW, his uncle Cecil Reaser wrote him in January 1952, "You know we think you may get our lettters even though we haven't heard from you for over a year," and told him to "keep your chin up." Finally, Loren's parents received notification in January of 1954 that their son had been declared dead on December 31, 1953.


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