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Willard Burkhammer

West Virginia
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Willard Burkhammer

"He fought bravely and died a hero."

Weston Independent

Willard Burkhammer was born November 28, 1916, in Weston, West Virginia, the third of four children born to Ralph and Emma Chipps Burkhammer. He was given the nickname "Wags."
Emma, Carl, Boyd, and Willard
Emma Burkhammer with sons Carl, Boyd, and Willard, ca. 1930

Willard was employed by the Pittsburgh and West Virginia Gas Company and at the time of his enlistment into the Army Air Force was an employee of the West Virginia Glass Company.

Willard Burkhammer
Willard Burkhammer and sister Leola
He entered the Army on January 8, 1942, and became a member of the 16th Observation Squadron of the Army Air Force. On November 9, 1942, then Corporal Willard Burkhammer was taking part in the landing in North Africa at Fedala, French Morocco, when he was killed. "His squadron was in the process of landing under enemy gun and aerial bombardment, and he died bravely and without suffering," Capt. Charles W. Kruck of the Air Corps wrote Ralph Burkhammer.
Willard Burkhammer
Willard Burkhammer

Willard Burkhammer
Willard Burkhammer and father Ralph Burkhammer
Temporarily buried at Fedala on Armistice Day of that year, his body was returned to the United States in June of 1948 and was buried in Peterson Cemetery at the same time as his father, who had died after making arrangements for his son's burial.

Photographs courtesy of Judy Meffert, niece


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