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Charles Joseph Spainhour

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Charles Joseph Spainhour

"There was no soldier in anybody's army that was any better than Charlie."

Bob McArthur (army friend)

Charles Joseph Spainhour was born on June 11, 1912, in New Eagle, Pennsylvania, one of four children born to Charles and Anna Rachel Snoddy Spainhour. In 1920 the family moved to Charleston where Charles attended the first through eighth grades at St. Anthony's and ninth through twelfth at Charleston Catholic High School. After graduation, he worked as a manager for the A & P Company for several years prior to opening his own business, Spainhour Cash Grocery, located on West Washington Street. He was a member of Charleston Council No. 11 of the Knights of Columbus.
Charles Spainhour in store
Charles Spainhour in his grocery store
Charles Spainhour and father and brother
Charles Spainhour with
his father and brother John
Charles Spainhour and mother
Charles Spainhour with his mother

Charles Spainhour in front of store
Charles Spainhour in front of
the Spainhour Cash Market
Charles entered the Army in March of 1942 and served in the European Theater as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. Pfc. Spainhour was wounded at Salerno, Italy, on September 27, 1943. According to a battalion medical officer, a trench mortar stopped his heart resulting in his death.
Charles Spainhour with nephew
Charles Spainhour with his nephew
Charles Thomas Spainhour

His body was returned to the United States and was interred in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in 1948.
Charles Spainhour funeral
Charles Spainhour's funeral in 1948

As a memorial to Pfc. Spainhour and Michael Sayfie, members who lost their lives in World War II, Charleston Council No. 11, Knights of Columbus, presented an Iron Lung to St. Francis Hospital in 1947.

Assistance and photos provided by Charles Thomas Spainhour (nephew)


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