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Howard Randle Ware

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Howard Randle Ware

Howard Randle Ware was born December 12, 1919, in Elkins, West Virginia, the second child of Adam and Della Mathew Ware. Four months later, the family moved to Fairmont, where he was received his education at the local schools and graduated from East High School in 1937.

Prior to his enlistment in the Army on January 28, 1940, one of Howard's activities was that of instructor and life guard at the Fairmont swimming pool.

Howard received his training at Langley Field, Virginia, and McDill Field in Florida. He also attended Isaac Delgado Trade School in New Orleans, graduating as an airplane mechanic. He was sent back to McDill Field, then sent overseas. He spent six months in England prior to going to Africa on November 9, 1942. In 1943 he arrived on the Italian Front. On December 2, then Staff Sergeant Howard Ware was wounded in action and died of those wounds. Sgt. Ware was awarded a Purple Heart, which was presented to his mother in March of 1944.

The body of Sgt. Howard Ware was returned to the United States in 1949 and interred in Maple Grove Cemetery.


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