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Donald Webb

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Donald Webb

Donald Webb was born in Wayne County, West Virginia, the son of Claude and Alice Holland Webb. Donald had six brothers and two sisters.

Donald attended Wayne High School where he was active in sports and was considered by his coaches to be "perhaps the most outstanding track man in the school's history." He graduated with the Class of 1963.

Donald Webb
Donald Webb

On January 16, 1966, Donald Webb, who was then an Army sergeant and serving in South Vietnam, was taking part in a unit movement over rough terrain when he was wounded by the accidental discharge of the weapon belonging to the individual behind him. He died of the wounds received in the incident.

Webb Soldier's Medal ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Webb
receiving Soldier's Medal for son Donald Webb
The body of Sgt. Donald Webb was returned to Wayne County and interred in the Smith Cemetery. In March of 1966 his parents received the Soldier's Medal awarded their son. Donald was the second Wayne County soldier to die in Vietnam.


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