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The mission of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History is to identify, preserve, protect, promote and present the ideas, arts and artifacts of West Virginia’s heritage, building pride in our past accomplishments and confidence in our future.

Welcome from Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith.

Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith

Welcome to a new year!

The West Virginia Division of Culture and History is looking forward to a year of programs that inspire, educate and present the stories of our culture and our heritage.

As you plan your year, we hope that you will keep us in mind.  Visit the State Museum and State Archives at the Culture Center with friends and family to share our stories. Stop at West Virginia Independence Hall for a reminder of our state’s beginnings and at Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex to enjoy programs and family activities that remind us of our prehistoric heritage.  Join traditional music fans from around the world at Camp Washington-Carver for the Appalachian String Band Festival.

We are excited about our youth programs – History Bowl, Dance Festival, Poetry Out Loud and West Virginia Ambassador Camp – and we hope to see those programs grow, reaching students in every county of our state.  We are planning lifelong learning activities with lectures and programs that bring our past alive.

Join us as we present our state’s culture and heritage and celebrate our past!

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Happy Holidays

Current and Upcoming Events At the Culture Center

The Culture Center
West Virginia
Independence Hall
Grave Creek Mound
Archaeology Complex
Camp Washington-Carver Museum in the Park
January 25 – 26
Arts in Our Communities Arts Summit
  January 13
Film – 1:00 and 3:00 pm
“Mine Wars”
August 1-August 5
Appalachian String Band Music Festival

February 14
Arts Day at the Legislature

  January 25
Film – 7:00 pm
“Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes”

February 22
History Day at the Legislature
History Heroes Presentations

  February 10
Film – 1:00 and 3:00 pm
“Prince Among Slaves”

March 9 – 10
Poetry Out Loud
State Finals

  February 22
Film – 7:00 pm
“The Real George Washington”

April 24
West Virginia History Bowl
State Championship

April 27 – 29
West Virginia Dance Festival
May 25 – 27
Vandalia Gathering
      Museum in the Park will close on January 8 for the winter and reopen April 1, 2018. If you have questions about visiting the museum, please call Chief Logan State Park at 304-792-7125.
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