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The West Virginia State Museum at The Culture Center

Activity Packages

After getting familiar with the sights and themes in the state museum you must select an activity package for your students. We have a wide range of opportunities based
on the level of engagement and time allotment that works best for your learning experience. We look forward to seeing you at the West Virginia State Museum!

Young Explorers:

Our Student Fun Pack is a great way to introduce young people to the West Virginia State Museum. Filled with interesting information and suggested activities, this program fosters discovery and observation.

The Adventure Kit:

The Adventure Kit consists of materials for gathering information. This program is a natural for postvisit projects in the classroom. Adventure Questions, themed museum map and a journal are included.

Young Writers:

Big Picture questions and a journal are provided for this program. The topics stimulate post-visit research, group discussion and literary work.

Media Stories:

Teachers may choose between video and still image formats for their students. Media questions focus on artifacts and historic information throughout West Virginia's history. Students are given flash drives to download and keep their work.

Team Challenge:

Two unique programs are available, both involving groups working with digital tablets as they interact with the museum exhibits.

Classroom Jeopardy:

Teams search for answers to pre-loaded questions. At the designated time, everyone gathers in the Education Center for a fast-paced game of Classroom Jeopardy.

When in the World is West Virginia?

Developed for students studying American and World History, this program connects significant national and world events to West Virginia. Teams receive worksheets and digital tablets with QRC scanners for artifact identification.

Outreach Programs and Video Conferencing:

We are extending our programs beyond the State Museum. Outreach topics include Immigration and Settlement to Civil War. Video Conferencing programs will focus on The Frontier, The Civil War, Civil Rights and Our Cultural Heritage. To check the status of these offerings go to our website: or e-mail:

If you would like to view a PDF of the 2012-2013 museum education info from above please click on THIS LINK.

Computer Lab Specs:

Our computer lab is currently set up with 30 computers loaded with Microsoft Office Pro 2007, but they will be defaulted to save as a Microsoft Office 2003 file for easy compatibility. Internet will also be accessible with comparable filters and blocks prescribed by the West Virginia Department of Education. Depending on what package you choose you may also have access to our Bamboo Tablets, loaded with Corel Paint and Adobe Elements 6, and/or a Flip Video Camera.

*All students will be bound by the technology usage agreement that they and their parents signed at the beginning of the school year. A state museum trip organized by a school is an extension of the classroom and therefore all conditions and terms apply. Indiscretions will be reported to the school's administrative office.*

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