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The invention of an automated bottling process in the 1920s helped spark a national soft drink craze. Who invented this process? Where was the first automated bottling company located?
pop bottles Mason County native Michael Owens invented an automatic bottling machine. He introduced the process to the Owens Illinois Bottling Company plant in the Kanawha City section of Charleston in 1923. For many years, this facility was the largest bottling factory in the world.
This green glass 7UP bottle has molded on it "7UP Bottle Co., Charleston, W.VA., ca. mid 1900s. Donated by Leon McCoy of Chapmanville. Mu 94-86.4 This blown molded crown top soda bottle is labeled on the bottle "Coca-Cola Charleston, W.VA. It was made between 1899 and 1916. Donated by Steven Fox of St. Albans. Mu 97-4.52