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Football is more closely associated with autumn. However, college
football season begins in August, so here's the question: When did
West Virginia University play its first football game?

Football helmet and ball

Washington & Jefferson College of Pennsylvania defeated West
Virginia University 72-0 on November 28, 1891, a
less-than-encouraging start to WVU football.

This football helmet goes to the early days of the sport when players did not have
a face mask and played only with a leather covering protecting their heads from
blows, ca. early 1900s. Donated by Neva H. Bowen, Clendenin. Mu 92-62.1

A family from the Clarksburg area used this genuine cowhide football, ca. 1908.
This particular football could be ordered from a Sears and Roebuck catalogue with
lacing needle and pump for $4.20. Donated by Marilyn Seeley of Jacksonburg.
Mu 94-79.10