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Which West Virginia town holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in the state?

old fan and umbrellas

On July 10, 1936, the temperature in Martinsburg hit 112 degrees!

This parasol is made of silk and lace and dates from around 1890. During the Victorian period it was very important for a woman to shield herself from the sun. The parasol is part of an extensive donation of clothing and accessories from the Davis, Lee and Kennedy families prominent in various industries and transportation developments in West Virginia during the 1800s. Additional artifacts in the collection consist of various dresses, bodices and skirts worn by Mrs. Henry Gassaway Davis to various events in Washington, D. C., while her husband was United States Senator. Donated by Mrs. Thomas D. Lee of Elkins and Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kennedy of Elkins. Mu 76-47.56