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WV-150 Sesquicentennial Exhibit

The WV-150 Sesquicentennial Exhibit celebrates our statehood from 1860 to the present with an eclectic collection of West Virginia artifacts and art.
Many of the suggestions for what to showcase in the exhibit came from West Virginians who offered suggestions throughout last year.


If you would like to view a larger photo of one of the images please just click on the photo on this page.


President Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation of April 20, 1863,
Admitting West Virginia as the 35th State in the Union on June 20, 1863.
Iron Slave Shackels
Iron Slave Shackles with Screw Locks

John Brown

Arthur Ingram Boreman, First Governor of West Virginia
Flagstaff ornament
Gilded Brass Eagle Flagstaff Ornament, 12th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Bronze Medal with the West Virginia State Seal

Inspiration for Lincoln Walks At Midnight.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad China Double Handled Bouillon Bowl and Plate, Homer Laughlin China Co.
Railroad Wrench
Railroad Wrench, Martinsburg Roundhouse
Blacksmith Tongs
Blacksmith Tongs


Pewter Flask Owned by William H. Flick
Butterfly Collection
Butterfly Collection, William Henry Edwards, Coalburg, Kanawha County.
Stoneware Jar
Salt-glazed Stoneware Jar, A.P. Donaghho Pottery Co., Parkersburg
Wood Framed Black School Slate Board
Molasses Can
Amber Hercules Pillar Pattern Glass Molasses Can, J.H. Hobbs, Brockunier & Co., Wheeling
Molasses Can
Green Daisy & Button Pattern Glass Molasses Can, J.H. Hobbs, Brockunier & Co., Wheeling
Glass Creamer
Frances Decoration Dew Drop Pattern Glass Creamer, J.H. Hobbs, Brockunier & Co., Wheeling
Paving Brick
Paving Brick, Charleston

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